This is a list of documents which are useful for the everyday group life and operation of services.

Title Post date
How to use Jira Newcomers Documentation 2014-02-25
Howto add a new mac node to Jenkins 2014-11-26
HowTo Coverity Packages And Releases 2019-05-16
Indico Tutorials Newcomers Documentation 2014-02-25
Install Scientific linux Newcomers Documentation 2014-03-03
Integration Mac machines into EC SFT General Documentation 2014-03-23
IT Mac nodes available for SFT development SFT General Documentation 2017-06-15
LCG nightlies 2014-03-25
LCG Releases Packages And Releases 2014-03-25
Openlab thoughts on a HEP Software Foundation: submitted by Andrzej Nowak 2014-06-20
SERVICE NOW User Guide Newcomers Documentation 2014-02-25
Set Up CERN profile and home page Newcomers Documentation 2014-02-25
SFT Group Membership Newcomers Documentation 2014-02-25
SFT High Resolution logo 2016-01-07
Simulation Documents and Presentations 2014-03-18
Summary of the first workshop on sustainable software for science: Practice and Experiences 2014-06-19
Twiki User Documentation Newcomers Documentation 2014-02-25
UNLP Report 2014-05-21
View of the German Community on the proposed “HEP Software Foundation” 2014-05-13
White papers contributed to discussion on HEP Software Foundation SFT General Documentation 2014-05-13