ROOT is a general-purpose object oriented framework that addresses the selection, integration, development and support of a number of foundation and utility class libraries that can be used as a basis for developing HEP application codes. ROOT supports interactive analysis and visualization of data. Try it in your browser! (Beta) Further information can be found in the ROOT website:

This provides a large variety of useful utility classes that supply basic functionality required in any software application. It supports development infrastructure and ROOT documentation (User's Guide).

Interpreters and Dictionary
This work package is responsible for the development of the reflection system (i.e. ability to introspect and interact with data structures at run-time) and its integration with the C++ (CINT) and Python interpreters.

Detector geometry modeling and visualisation.

ROOT’s graphical libraries support the visualisation of HEP data by implementing basic graphic primitives, high-level visualization techniques, output on files, 3D viewing etc.

The ROOT Graphical User Interface (GUI) classes offer an extensive and rich set of user interface elements for application design with a common look and feel. They provide a solid basis for the development of many additional user interface components, browsers, object editors and event displays.

The primary goal of this project is to select, package and support a validated and well-documented set of mathematical and statistical libraries.