LCG nightlies

SPI provides nightly builds for the LCG Application Area software stack. The main aim for the nightly builds of the LCG AA projects are:

  • to provide prompt feedback of integration and platform problems to AA developers
  • to provide binary builds that the experiments can use directly from AFS to make test builds of experiment's applications on new AA software.

The build results can be found at In case of errors during the build (later also when running the tests), a mail is sent to the developers. The results of the build are made available in AFS and can be used by the experiments to build their software on top of these. The AFS path is /afs/<slot>/<day>/<project> where slot refers to one configuration (set of tags) to build, day denotes the day of a week (given in a three character abbreviation, first char capital (e.g. "Mon", "Tue", ...). To allow a proper triggering of succeeding builds using the provided nightlies, a file called isDone-<platform> is touched in each "slot/day" directory for each platform once the transfer of the files is done.