The EP-SFT group contributes to the software development of the future-circular-collider (FCC) efforts. The group is active in four main areas.

Due to the huge beam-background for the lepton option and the huge pile-up for the hadron machine, simulation is a very time consuming process. That's why we are working on a better integration of fast- and fullsimulation models into a single simulation framework. We cooperate with ATLAS and LHCb to re-use already existing and tested implementations. Our developments are fed into an experiment-independent simulation framework Gaussino.

Data Model
As to take most advantage of present and future CPU's features, we develop a new data model library (PODIO), that mappes its data into plain-old-data structures. This project is part of the AIDA2020 efforts. The concrete FCC data model is based on this.

General Framework and Infrastructure
The base of the FCC sofware is the experiment-independent framework GAUDI. We participate in the activities to parallelize GAUDI and contribute w/ new experiment independent components.

The high multiplicity of the events poses a challenge to the reconstruction of FCC-ee and FCC-hh events. Thus we participate to the development of novel pattern-recognition and tracking algorithms. This happens in cooperation with the ATLAS experiment.