Integration Mac machines into EC

In order to setup a new Mac server to be used by Electric Commander for ROOT, SPI and Geant4 builds one needs to execute the following steps:


  • Make sure that the "Allow network users..." option is enable on it (See in Users & Groups, Login Options).
  • VNC to the machine as 'sftnight'. This will automatically create the account on it.
  • Rename (in Finder) 'Macintosh HD2' to 'MacintoshHD2' as not all scripts can cope with spaces in filenames
  • Install CMake
  • Install XCode and the command line tools
  • Get the EC installer:
    scp -r sftnight@macphsft20:/Volumes/MacintoshHD2/commander_i386_Darwin.bin ~/
    chmod 777 ~/commander_i386_Darwin.bin 
  • Create the ec directory /ec at the root level and change owner to sftnight 
  • Copy or check out the scripts for building externals, etc from macphsft20
  • Create the build directory on the second disk and make a link to its
    sudo mkdir -p /Volumes/MacintoshHD2/build/electric_commander/build
    sudo ln -s /Volumes/MacintoshHD2/build/electric_commander/build /build
  • Mount the logs volumes (to be checked if this stays after reboot - probably not):
    sudo mkdir -p /mnt/logs
    sudo echo "  /mnt/logs       nfs     rw,bg,hard,resvport,intr,noac,nfc,tcp default 2" > /etc/fstab
    ln -s /mnt/logs /ec/logs
  • Install Electric Commander, giving 'sftnight' as the account name (be sure you have an afs token):
    sudo ~/commander_i386_Darwin.bin
  • You can accept the default values but be sure that when it ask for an existing user that should run the daemon you enter "sftnight" and as exisitng group you enter "wheel"
  • Install a fortran compiler
    from the web
  • Clean-up the leftovers from /usr/local/lib with rm /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.*
  • Make sure only one version of libstdc++ is installed and replace the one in /usr/local/gfortran/lib/ with a symlink to the system one