This is a list of documents which are useful for the everyday group life and operation of services.

Title Post date
White papers contributed to discussion on HEP Software Foundation SFT General Documentation
View of the German Community on the proposed “HEP Software Foundation”
UNLP Report
Twiki User Documentation Newcomers Documentation
Summary of the first workshop on sustainable software for science: Practice and Experiences
Simulation Documents and Presentations
SFT High Resolution logo
SFT Group Membership Newcomers Documentation
Set Up CERN profile and home page Newcomers Documentation
SERVICE NOW User Guide Newcomers Documentation
Openlab thoughts on a HEP Software Foundation: submitted by Andrzej Nowak
LCG Releases Packages And Releases
LCG nightlies
IT Mac nodes available for SFT development SFT General Documentation
Integration Mac machines into EC SFT General Documentation
Install Scientific linux Newcomers Documentation
Indico Tutorials Newcomers Documentation
HowTo Coverity Packages And Releases
Howto add a new mac node to Jenkins
How to use Jira Newcomers Documentation