Generator Service Project (GENSER)

This project collaborates with the authors of Monte Carlo generators and with the LHC experiments in order to prepare validated code for both the theoretical and experimental communities at the LHC. Tasks include user support, assistance for the development of the new object-oriented generators and maintenance of existing Monte Carlo packages on the LCG-supported platforms.

GENSER links

Agreed generators table for LCG 69

Instructions and useful links

New generator version installation sequence
Testing instructions
CMake documentation
CMake reference
AFS management
LHC generator contacts
JIRA [issues]
SVN [changes]
CVMFS synchronization instruction
Electric Commander instructions


Genser User Guide

Detailed Instruction (work in progress)
Instruction For Impatient Users


If you have any queries, requests or suggestions, we will be pleased to help you. To contact us please use genser developer mailing list -


Contact person

  • Witold Pokorski -     32 R-C08