Minutes AF meeting 12 March 2015


Alejandro Álvarez Ayllón, Marco Clemencic, Gabriele Cosmo, Markus Elsing, Gerri Ganis, John Harvey, Benedikt Hegner, Peter Hristov, David Lange,  Pere Mato, Patricia Mendez Lorenzo, Graeme Stewart, Andrea Valassi


  • Action Items
  • Line Management Issues (John)
  • Report from the LIM meeting (Patricia)
  • News from projects
  • Experiments Feedback
  • AoB

Action Items
Send AIDA-2020 summary -> John Harvey

Line Management Issues

  • AIDA-2020 has been approved and will start on May 1st
  • It contains a WP about software packages that are detector agnostic
  • WP leaders are Witek Pokorski and Frank Gaede.

Report from the LIM (Patricia)

  • Packages demands and status
    • LHCb
      • requests for Qt5, vectorclass and Doxygen upgrades completed.
      • libtool2.4.2 has been requested decoupled from the current LCG releases AFS area. To be provided as we will do for the build-from-sources Grid packages
      • dev4 should run with a single CLHEP version (v2). currently under testing in experimental
    • ATLAS
      • Python-messaging package addedd
    • pyzmq requested by Andrea has been added
  • clang36 has been added as new compiler
  • Installation of nightlies via RPMs
    • Approach agreed with LHCb; still need to make sure that it works for ATLAS as well


News from CernVM

  • Rather successful workshop last week
    • good attendance: 50 people in room + 30 online.
    • all experiments underline importance to run on HPC resources which requires new developments
  • Working on CernVM image publish procedure and infrastructure for ceasier creation
  • Will publish 2.1.20 CernVMFS end of this week.

News from ROOT

  • Prepared a couple of patch releases for ROOT 5 and ROOT 6.
  • Team in bug fixing mode now.
  • Effort in merging CMS fixes for multithreading. CMS trying to switch to ROOT 6 now
  • bugs reported by the other experiments;
  • Upgraded LLVM and JIT. Still dealing w/ problems from the upgrade.

News from Persistency Framework

  • Nothing to report

News from Simulation

  • patch release 9.6 created
    • mainly fixes for ATLAS plus others accumulated fixes
  • 10.1 patches in preparation
  • technical forum on April 2nd. Presentation and discussion about overall plan of work. experiment representatives have been invited

News from ALICE

  • Using master of ROOT 6 for testing
  • next week offline week to discuss again ROOT 5 vs. ROOT 6

News from ATLAS

  • Reprocessing only with ROOT6 (schedule is november)
  • ROOT5 for online and offline production
  • Analyses use ROOT 5 and ROOT 6 alongside
  • CMT to cmake migration is progressing slowly. Rolf and David are making progress.

News from CMS

  • Required multithreading fixes have been included by ROOT

News from LHCb

  • nothing to report



  • Plenty of working groups being set up with new pages and mailing lists
  • CHEP meeting needs preparing

Gitlab in CERN IT

  • Federico Carminati volunteered as guinea pig for it


Decided to invite ILC/CLIC representatives for future meetings as well