Minutes AF meeting 12 February 2015


Alejandro Álvarez Ayllón, Marco Clemencic, Gerri Ganis, Benedikt Hegner, Peter HristovDavid Lange,  Patricia Mendez Lorenzo, Andrea Valassi

John Harvey, Rolf Seuster, Pere Mato, Markus Elsing


  • Action Items
  • Line Management Issues (John)
  • Report from the LIM meeting (Patricia)
  • News from projects
  • Experiments Feedback
  • AoB


  • Benedikt replaces Pere as leader of the applications area; Pere continues to participate as leader of the ROOT project

Line Management Issues

  • The objectives of the projects are being presented in the SFT group meeting. Feedback by the experiments about relative priorities is welcome. 

Report from the LIM (Patricia)

  • A new LCG 74_root6 release was prepared on Monday 9th as requested by LHCb; the Eigen package has been added as external
  • Instabilities in the nightlies caused by implicit auto-download of python packages was resolved by explicitly adding 6 new packages to the stack
  • Opening the jenkins instance of PH/SFT to the members of the LIM still pending
  • Support for CentOS7 started
    • compilers installed to AFS and the migration of the LCG ongoing
    • ATLAS still working on their build machine setup
    • heposlibs7 already provided
  • Agreed to have a HSF follow up discussion about SW packaging and building. Will take place on the 25th:  https://indico.cern.ch/event/373973
  • The final "freeze" of Savannah will take place on the 19th. 
  • Issues observed with the oracle package as the CERN specifc config files are not regularly updated in there. Andrea Valassi set up a symlink (agreed by IT), so the corresponding config could be updated regularly. Update by A. Valassi in the AF: Future approach is that experiments take care of their setup themselves.
  • More details available in the last two LIM minutes:  https://indico.cern.ch/event/369533 and https://indico.cern.ch/event/369534

News from Projects

  • ROOT
    • not present
  • PF
    • nothing to report
  • Simulation
    • not present
  • CernVM
    • CMVFS 2.1.20 is in final phase of testing;
    • starting looking into CC7 based image for CernVM. looks promising so far.
    • technical student started beginning of the month; working on improved testing and coverage
Experiments' Feedback
    • not present
    • Split up software into two major components - core and physics - to cope with different frequency of development cycles
    • Almost finished migration from THtml to Doxygen; expect to finish migration by end of March
    • Failed attempt to use CERN based gitlab: quality of service not sufficient and future unclear; considering the move to GitHub. Limitation of 1GB for repository size a concern. Not sure what the costs of a commercial license are. Comment by CMS: successful user of GitHub;  stripped binary files and broke up distribution
    • Requested a new ROOT 5.34.26 release containing bug fixes contained in the current 5.34-patches branch (problems with pragma statements)
  • CMS
    • nothing to report
  • LHCb
    • going to pick up 74root6 
    • Strong interest in getting a gitlab service in IT; provides better librarian interface than current solution

Andrea Valassi reported about news from the HSF startup team. One meeting since the HSF workshop. Follow up activities on packaging and training. Concluding summary of the HSF workshop still to be prepared. 


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