General procedures

Adding new nodes


  • Unix based workers:
    • Unix slaves belong to the "ssh" login slaves category. This is the preferred method for Unix slaves with sshd enabled. In addition, java will have to be also pre-installed in the system. 
    • The basic steps needed to configure a Unix based node in Jenkins are the following
      • Click on "Manage Jenkins"
      • Click on "New node"
      • In this setup, you will need to supply the slave host name, remote root directory and the launch method. In addition you can label your node for a better distribution of your jobs among the slaves. This label will allow you afterwards to chose a set of specific slaves for each of your jobs.
      • Concerning the launch method for ssh based nodes you can chose the "Launch slave agent on Unix machines via SSH", in this case you shall provide the credential. On the other hand it is also possible to "Launch slave via execution of command on the master". This latest method allows you to write your own script to launch the slave. This script will be placed on the master and it will be the responsible of connecting to the corresponding slave. normally this script uses a remote program execution mechanism like SSH.  A complete ssh guide can be found here(link is external) 


  • Windows workers:
  • Mac workers


The worker node is then added using the command New Node in the nodes page.  The best is to copy from another existing Mac/Linux/Windows node and just change the node name.  

Restarting Jenkins


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