Drupal training for PH-DT

In April 2014 the new PH-DT website was released under the url http://ph-dep-dt.web.cern.ch/. The website is a product of cooperation between PH-DT (offering a student) and PH-SFT (offering supervision). Aiming for sustainability and scalability we followed the CERN choice and used Drupal that also offers a clean and easy way for editing and maintenance as well.

After the release it was clear that the people responsible for editing the new website would need an introductory session about Drupal as a platform and about how to maintain the PH-DT website specifically. In this training we also offered the opportunity for the 22 attendees to have hands-on experience by providing instances of the site created solely for this training.
The items covered by the training were:

  • Introduction to Drupal
  • PH-DT site introduction
  • Hands-on tutorials (text, pages, menus, blocks, views, Indico, teams)

The outputs of this training can be found here.

The training was done by:
Nefeli Kousi
Danilo Piparo