CernVM Users Workshop 2019


The next CernVM Users Workshop will take place at CERN from 3 to 5 June 2019. As usual, the workshop aims to bring together users and developers to discuss the current status of the CernVM ecosystem and the future directions, with a fresh look onto the landscape of technology and the evolution in virtualization and cloud computing.
As in previous editions, we invited guest speakers from the industry on selected technology topics. This time, we are very happy to welcome

Harris Hancock (Cloudflare), core developer of the Cloudflare Workers serverless framework

Michael Bauer (SyLabs), core developer of Singularity

Dorian Krause (Jülich Supercomputing Centre), head of the division High-Performance Computing Systems

Jesse Williamson (SuSE), senior distributed storage engineer on Ceph

Doug Thain (U Notre Dame, remotely), head of the Cooperative Computing Lab

See the workshop page for more details.