AF Meeting - 8.10.2015


Marco Cattaneo, David Lange, Andre Sailer, Alejandro Alvaro, Walter Lampl,
Marco Clemencic, Gabriele Cosmo, Pere Mato, Giulio Eulisse, Gerardo Ganis
Shahzad Rahatlou, Benedikt Hegner

Line Management Issues (Pere)

Two new doctoral students. One working with Lorenzo on the parallelization of
statistical tools, and the other with Benedikt on FCC.

Report from the LIM (Patricia)

Incoming release(s)

  •   Bug ROOT-7181 preventing the new LCG_80 release has been solved. Pending tests ongoing before tagging the branch 6.04 and proceeding with the release. Foreseen for the next week.
  •   New versions for xrootd, yamlcpp, CLHEP and new ROOT build options have been included in the nightly builds before the release.
  •   New release modular approach agreed with LHCb and ATLAS representative; a specific experimental "views" approach has been agreed sonsisting on the set of packages required by each experiment together with the associated dependencies.

Compilers and builds

  •   clang35 and clang37 builds included in the experimental builds
  •   CMake 3.2.3 and 3.3.2 are now available in AFS

Simulation News

Geant4 Collaboration meeting last week at FNAL: among the many topics
discussed, the release schedule for the new Geant4 10.2 release in December
was approved.
Geant4 10.2 will force the adoption of C++11 and therefore support only
C++11 compliant compilers.
A new development release of Geant4 will be provided next week.

Persistency Framework

not present


 The ROOT Users’ Workshop took place on 15-18 Sept 2015 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. This was the perfect occasion to celebrate the ROOT's 20th anniversary.

  •  About 70 people participated to the workshop representing widely the user community.
  •  User and developers presentations were very well received and triggered very interesting discussions.
  •  The development team is analyzing the very useful User’s feedback in order to propose a coherent development plan for future releases, in particular ROOT 7 which should be ready for the next long shutdown of LHC.

The ROOT web site has been migrated to Drupal 7 and hosted by the CERN Web infrastructure. The organization, contents and the graphical style of the site have been reviewed thoroughly. The new site is available under the same URL:

The code generated reference documentation has been migrated to the Doxygen tool. The current results are available at Work is still needed to the full completion of the reference guide.

A document with the ‘feature set’ of ROOT 7 will be prepared and circulated at due time. Feedback will be requested from the AF forum.

A document with a proposal for a collaboration between PH-SFT and several groups in IT to develop a ‘pilot service’ for an interactive and collaborative data analysis in the cloud using quite novel technologies has been produced. It is now in hands of the IT and PH department heads.

A presentation of this proposal will be given at the PH-SFT group meeting:

Comment by Giulio on support for brand-new MacOS X 10.11 and problems in ALICE. -> ROOT in trunk runs all tests.



  • Version 2.2.0 Server Only pre-release was released on 14 September 2015; this fixes mostly a number of problems encountered in Stratum 0 and Stratum 1 servers. It also fixes some issues on the Mac client and libcvmfs.a, used by Parrot, to cope with improvements/fixes on the parrot side. A web page explaining how to install/use the Parrot connector has been created at
  • The Mac client does not work on El Capitan; the main reason is the removal of the openssl headers, but potentially there are other issues under investigation. We are evaluating moving to Homebrew or MacPorts for a consistent installation procedure.

Comment by Marco: communicate the 10.11 problems to CERN Mac suppport, so that users can see it in the incompatibility list before upgrading.


  • Version was released on 24 Sept 2015, following Scientific Linux 6 security updates.
  • Work for CernVM 4 is on going; a first release is foreseen during Q4/2015 .


Alice has a new build tool for externals. Jenkins replaces their previous automatization tool. The TDR for new framework and the upgrade plans has been accepted.


Waiting for LCG 80 for production. Validation of ROOT 6 ongoing. By Christmas there will be a new ROOT 6 based release. CMake migration troublesome and still ongoing.
Will have a Software Technical Meeting in Berkeley discussing the Run3 software plans.


Using ROOT 6.02 in production. Tried compilation with gcc 5.2. Some problems reported. Ongoing effort to port CMS software to PowerPC. Provided a handful of patches to the ROOT team.


Currently based on ROOT 6.04.02. Some effort to merge Gaudi patches from various sources into production.

Linear Collider

Nothing to report


Looking into the usage of Grid packages in the experiments. Some packages that aren't maintained for years are still part of the stack. Investigating whether that are forgotten remnants or real dependencies


The next meeting will be purely virtual. The next in=person meeting will take place in December.

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