Service Tasks

Each member of the group, except the students, dedicates 10% of her/his time to the baseline services provided by the group. This table summarises the tentative current commitments (early 2021). In case of problems, please contact the persons listed in this table. 

Service/Task Main Responsible Alternate Documentation
Jenkins service Shahzad Muzaffar Gunter Folger HowTo
Coverity service Gabriele Cosmo Axel Naumann  
CDash service Benedikt Hegner Guilherme Amadio HowTo 
Puppetized nodes Shahzad Muzaffar Gunter Folger  
Windows nodes Bertrand Bellenot Gunter Folger  
Mac nodes Axel Naumann    
Drupal Manager Andrea Stano    
ITUM contact Jakob Blomer Graeme Stewart  
C5 contact Jakob Blomer Enric Tejedor HowTo
Jira Service Ilias Goulas    
Training Enric Tejedor Danilo Piparo  


(in red the members that need replacements or activities that need discussion)