Impact of simulation on LHC physics


  • Revisit and collect physics requirements for the simulation packages from the four LHC experiments
  • Evaluate/monitor the impact of a given uncertainty/inadequacy of the simulation on physics (e.g. e/pi ratio on compositness) for the four experiments
  • Compare G4 and FLUKA (and also G3 if available) for some benchmark physics processes outside the test-beam reach (i.e. electrons, muons and jets in the TeV range, charged pion and neutron interactions in the GeV range)


General: Simulation Physics Requirements from the LHC Experiments.
In the framework of the LCG Simulation Physics Validation Project, we collect and revisit in this note the main physics requirements for the simulation packages (e.g. G4 and FLUKA), using inputs from the four LHC experiments. We try to quantify these requirements as much as possible.
This note should be considered as an evolving and regularly-updated document. It will be posted on the WEB and will be open to suggestions, additions, corrections.



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