Howto add a new mac node to Jenkins

On the Mac you need to have installed: 

On the node rename the volumes HD1 and HD2, then:

  • create /Volumes/HD2/build : mkdir /Volumes/HD2/build
  • create the link /build -> /Volumes/HD2/build : sudo ln -s /Volumes/HD2/build /build
  • create as sftnight /build/jenkins: cd /build; mkdir jenkins; sudo chown -R sftnight jenkins

​Open Jenkins web interface :

  • Log in on the node as sftnight and copy the .ssh directory from another node: i.e. scp -r .
  • Log in (be sure you have write access to it - in case of problem ask Patricia)
  • -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes
  • -> New node and copy the configuration form another existing node 
  • Verify the configuration of the new node : description and label should correspond to the OS version, change the host name with the name of the node, add the notification when the node online status changes adding Patricia and Javier emails Save
  • Launch slave agent

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