Genser instructions for Developers

The original document can be found at our SVN repository.

This text describes how to install generators to MCGenerators trees:

1. Download new authors tarfile to local source tarfile repository:
        a. Obtain sftnight AFS token;
        b. Download source tarball into /afs/;

2. Add package definition to requested version of LCGCMT release: cmake/toolchain/heptools-.cmake;

3. Try build on local node and run GENSER test for the given package;

4. Commit changes into SVN;

5. Go to and submit jobs for all requested releases;
   Don't install more then one full release at once!

6. If the installation is successfull, mail to like this:
    Dear colleagues,
    New Tauola++ version - Tauola++ 1.1.4 has been installed into MCGenerators lcgcmt trees:

       - MCGenerators_lcgcmt65
       - MCGenerators_lcgcmt65a
       - MCGenerators_lcgcmt66
           Best regards,

### Installation of LCG_68 and newer releases 

1. Steps 1-4 from the instruction above.

5. Build generators in temporary location (e.g. /afs/ and
   cd to it.

6. Create the summary files for a release
  /afs/ .  UPGRADE
    # /afs/ \
      . x86_64-slc6-gcc48-opt 69root6 UPGRADE
  The files LCG_*.txt should be created. (contrib, generators, externals)

7. Create RPM spec file
  a) Determine the current release number
     ls /afs/ | grep LCG_generators | grep 69root6
     Output is:
                                                        -> <- is release number
     Use next release number (9 in this case)
  b) Prepare temporary build directory (/tmp/sftnight in this case)
     rm -rf /tmp/sftnight/*
  c) Produce .spec file
     /afs/ \
     LCG_generators_x86_64-slc6-gcc48-opt.txt -b /tmp/sftnight -o generators.spec --release 

8. Make rpm
   rpmbuild -bb generators.spec

9. Copy rpm
   cp -v -i /tmp/sftnight/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/*.rpm /afs/

10. Update rpm database
  createrepo --workers=20 /afs/

11. Install to AFS
  a) Prepare environment
     export MYSITEROOT=/afs/
  b) Install 
     List rpms
       /afs/ list
      /afs/ --rpmupdate install \

12. Check that the new generators are installed on AFS

13. If the installation is successfull, mail to

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