Charged pion simulation validation with ATLAS Fe/Scintillator hadronic calorimeter: resolution

The Tilecal-standalone energy resolution for pions impinging on the calorimeter at |eta|=0.35 (equivalent calorimeter depth 7.9lambda), as a function of the beam energy.

MC simulation results (Geant4.8.3 QGSP+Bertini models, shown with open squares) are in agreement with data (full circles). The electronic noise contribution is found to be negligible so only statistical and constant terms are used in the fit. 
Note that in the ATLAS configuration the total calorimeter (EM LAr + Tilecal) depth is larger by about 30%, hence the longitudinal leakage is smaller and its contribution to the energy resolution degradation is smaller (see also next plot). The expected constant term for jet energy resolution in ATLAS is typically 2.6% (CERN-OPEN-2008-020, page 306, Table 3).
References: ATL-TILECAL-PUB-2009-002, NIM A 606 (2009) 362-394



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